Style timber floor provide top quality workmanship and wide variety of timber floor installation solutions. Our professional installers are fully licensed and insured. All jobs we do will comply with Australian standard. Our experienced installer will make sure your floor will be done properly with minimum disruption to your family. We can help to move your big furniture, use drop sheets to cover all your furniture and clothes. 5 years workmanship warranty for all jobs we done by our professional installers.

Sub-floor preparation

Sub-floor preparation is very important job before laying floor boards, especially for floating floor system installation. The reason is there could be very spongy feel when you walk on if the sub-floor is not be levelled. We know some jobs may need extra work, such as take off carpet and disposal, levelling, moisture seal barrier on concrete slab, fixing timber joists or existing timber floor, even take tiles off and levelling. No worries, our professional installers can do all these for you.

Install hardwood floor, bamboo floor, engineered floating floor, laminate floor, and parquetry over concrete slab, existing timber, and particle board or timber joists. We also install skirting boards if you needed. Before we leave the job site, all the timber floor area and cutting area will be generally cleaned. We make sure don’t bring you hassles and let you enjoy your new floor.

Sanding, polishing and vanishing

We provide professional renew service for existing timber floor and timber staircase, dust free sanding, polishing & coating.

One good point choose to do hardwood floor is you can choose the finish of your floor, such as gloss, satin or matt finish. Different timber, usage and place should apply different coatings; you may contact our office staff for more details and recommendation.

Different coating base

Oil based (matt, satin)
Solvent based (matt, satin, or high gloss)
Water based (matt, satin)

Staining hardwood floor

Floor stain can give your room distinctive appearance. Staining hardwood floor is a higher technical level for floor finish, we do stain timber floor to limed wash, walnut, black Japan etc, according to architecture’s and customer’s requirement. Stain the color evenly is extremely important for the final finish, the same color stain product apply on different timber will appear different colors, it depends on how much the wood absorb the color. Therefore, we will do small samples on-site for you to choose, then, we will apply with the color you like. Quality Color stain products mix with color reducer can create lighter shades.