We offer the best prices on hardwood timber floors

Nothing can beat the beauty of hardwood flooring, especially Australian hardwood species. Beautiful wooden flooring adds elegance and warmth to your home. Its strength, durability and stability make it outstanding to be the first choice for floor covering. It can be renewed 3-4 times and last decades, add so much value to your property. For the hardwood flooring prices we offer at the standard of quality and durability we supply, getting hardwood with us is your best long term option.

Hardwood floor vary in size and grades. The length comes in random from 600mm to 5700mm.The thickness is 19mm normally, but some species are available in 14mm or 21mm.thick. The most popular width is 80mm and 130mm, however 60mm, 180mm, 210mm even 230mm still are available. Select grade is the highest grade, it allows only subtle character markings and the color is more consistent. Feature grade allows more natural timber ingredients and character markings. Standard grade is between these two.

Hardwood floors are an investment in divine quality

Install and finish hardwood floor take longer time and procedure than the others, but it always worth it. It can be installed on concrete slab, timber joists or existing timber floor. After installation, you can choose gloss, satin or matt finishing, even stain to the architectural colour you like. Hardwood floors actually look better as the years go by.

Another good option for hardwood flooring is pre-finished solid timer floor. The only difference is it has been finished coating by manufacturer. It’s perfect for home renovation, save you onsite sanding cost and waiting time, you can walk on straight away after installation. Good to your health, less dusty and harmful chemicals to your living environment.

Style Timber Floor provides 100% Australian made, top quality, great range hardwood flooring including black-butt, jarrah and many others. We fully supply and install both hardwood floor and Pre-finished solid timber flooring. All the hardwood flooring comes with 25 years warranty.