After Installation

Our Euro oak flooring is pre-finished by hard wax oil, UV oil or matt lacquered. To give a better protection to your Euro oak floor, it is advisable to do the cleaning and maintenance to the floor after installation, especially in commercial environments with high traffic areas on the floor.

1 There are three different types of floor finishes in our Euro Oak range.

  • Woca Industrial Hardwax Oil, is a new environmentally friendly product based on vegetable oils and natural waxes made from purified renewable natural raw resources. Oil based finishes soak in, lightly color the wood and form a protective film on the surface of the wood. It has natural wood finish while also adding some  protective layer on the surface. In essence, the wax is bonded to the wood via the oil. By finishing the wood with Hard-Wax Oil the ultimate colour of the floor will flourish and continue to enhance with time. It does not contain volatile organic components (VOC free)
  • UV oil, combines the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened They are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification. This gives them much better chemical properties and an improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils. UV oil is made of 100% solids and contains no solvents or after cure products.
  • UV lacquered floors, coated in a matt finish, use a treatment that is cured by ultra violetradiation, normally with several layers of coating to produce  a hard and durable floor surface. It’s durable and easy to clean and maintain, compared to a UV oil finished floor, and it does not absorb water or other stains instantly.

With proper maintenance using WOCA Oil or lacquer finish products, your floor will last a lifetime and will always maintain its genuine natural beauty and even enhance with time. Here are maintenance frequencies for domestic use.

 Oxidative oiledUV oiledLacquered floor
Natural soapFortnightlyFortnightly 
Oil RefresherEvery 6 monthsEvery 6 months 
Maintenance oilEvery 24-36 months  
Maintenance paste Every 24-36 months 
Lacquer soap   Fortnightly
Lacquer care  Annually

Initial maintenances of hardwax oil and UV oil finished floor (Right after installation /before use)


To ensure maximum protection and saturation of the oil finished floor, especially when the floor is used for heavy traffic or in a commercial environment, it is recommend to clean the surface with WOCA natural soap for medium and dark coloured floors, or with WOCA white soap for light and pale coloured floors, in order to add extra white pigments to preserve the light nuance.


A purpose-made, quality soap, which due to its nourishing properties quickly closes the pores of the wood and protects against dirt and penetration of liquids. ‘Natural Soap’ cleans and nourishes the floor in one step. Ideal for all oiled, waxed or soaped surfaces.


Two plastic buckets, ‘WOCA Sweep Mop’, floor  cloth or similar. After application, clean tools with water and soap.


  • ‘Natural Soap’ is shaken carefully before use.
  • 125ml ‘Natural Soap’ is mixed into 5litres of lukewarm water. It is recommended always to work with 2 buckets: one with soap water, and one with rinse water .Clean the floor with minimum quantity of water – leave soap water on floor briefly in order to dissolve dirt. Remove dirty soap water with a well wrung out mop or cloth, and rinse out in bucket with clean water.
  • Always wipe floor with soap water with well wrung out mop or cloth in order to re-establish the protective Natural Soap film.

Tip:  Very dirty floors may be cleaned with ‘Wood Cleaner’, and subsequently with  ‘Natural  Soap’.  Areas of oxidative oiled floor with heavy wear may be maintained with ‘Maintenance Oil’ after cleaning with ‘Wood Cleaner’. Particularly difficult stains may be removed with ‘Spot Removal’.

Regular cleaning and maintenance for oil finished floor:

Maintain with “WOCA Maintenance Oil” or, “ WOCA Maintenance Paste’ in regular intervals.


A gelatinous form of the ‘WOCA Maintenance Oil’ designed specifically for UV oiled and waxed surfaces. This is used to remedy scratches in the floor, and rejuvenate  the UV oiled surface, as needed. Produced in a 400ml tube, coverage is 60-80 m2/ tube.’WOCA Maintenance Paste’ can be applied manually or mechanically.


  • Clean the floor with125ml ‘Wood Cleaner ‘mixed into 5litres of water. Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry.
  • Apply the ‘Maintenance Paste’ onto the white polishing pad or cotton cloth. Use floor machine to correctly distribute the ‘Maintenance Paste’ for large areas.
  • EnsuretheMaintenancePasteisdistributed uniformly. Buffing continuously until the wood is saturated and appears silky and matt. Apply more Maintenance Paste if necessary.
  • If a very mat finish is required, buff with cotton cloths under a polishing Let the surface rest for 4 hours. Do not expose the  floor to water for 48 hours after finishing.

Alternatively, you can apply “WOCA Maintenance oil” instead of the paste.

4 Floor Cleaning 

Clean the floor with 125 ml Wood Cleaner mixed into 5 litres water. Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry. In case of extreme dirt, scrub the floor manually using a pad, or by machine. Wipe clean with a mop or cloth. Always wipe a second time in order that as little water as possible remains on the surface. Repeat cleaning procedure if necessary.

Tip: Always work with two buckets – one with Wood Cleaner mixed with water and one with rinse water


  • Leave the floor to dry for at least 8 hours. The floor must be completely dry.
  • Shake the container carefully. Apply approx. 100 ml oil per 4 m2 with a pad, paint roller or cotton cloth, or use a polishing machine for large surfaces. 
  • It is important that the Maintenance Oil is carefully polished into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood appears saturated and the surface looks uniform.
  • Wipe the floor with clean, dry cotton cloths before proceeding with the next section of floor to be finished. The floor should not appear wet and there should not be any excess oil on the surface after polishing. Continue in sections until the floor has been finished. When polished with polishing machine, the floor will be pre-hardened after approx. 4 hours at 20°C and may cautiously be used. Manually polished floors may be used after 24 hours. The surface is fully hardened after 24 hours. Do not expose the floor to water during the hardening time.


WOCA Spot Remover 

‘Spot Remover’ effectively dissolves grease, blood, coffee, tea etc. It is an aerosol solution used as a “last ditch attempt”, and it is usually very successful in restoring the floors appearance and re-establishing its protective layer. ‘Spot Remover’ is based on soap and developed for indoor use, to remove spots from oiled wood surfaces. It is produced in 250 ml spray cans.


Note: Before using ‘Spot Remover’ it is advisable to use a small amount to test in a non-visible  area  of the floor  ensuring that there  will be  no undesired reaction.

  • Spray ‘Spot Remover’ evenly on the stain directly from the
  • Leave the ‘Spot Remover’ to dissolve the stain for 10-20min. Now scrub with a brush until the stain has been dissolved.
  • Wipe with cloth wrung out in lukewarm
  • When the floor is completely dry, apply the original surface finish, e.g. oil, wax or soap to re-establish the protection of the surface.
  • Repeat the process if

Tip: After removal of the spot, UV oiled floors should be treated with ‘WOCA Maintenance Paste’ and soaped floors with soap. It is always recommended to wipe the area around the spot with ‘WOCA Natural Soap’ after cleaning.

6 UV lacquered finished-Cleaning and Maintenance


WOCA lacquer soap

WOCA lacquer soap is suitable for the cleaning of all vinyl, laminated, lacquered or painted surfaces. Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap does not build up soap film, and therefore it is very suitable for surfaces requiring frequent cleaning. 


  • Mix 125 ml WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap with 5 litres of water for regular cleaning.
  • Clean the floor with a well wrung mop/cloth. We recommend working with two buckets, one with clean water in which you wring the mop and one with soap solution.
  • It is important not to leave any water on the surface after cleaning.
  • Extremely dirty floors/difficult spots can be removed with Wood Cleaner or Spot Remover.


7 Lacquer Care for ongoing maintenance of Lacquered finished floor


WOCA lacquer care

WOCA lacquer care

WOCA lacquer care

WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Care is suitable for PVC, laminated and lacquered surfaces. WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Care strengthens the surface as it protects against wear and tear and scratches and in that way, it prolongs the life of the lacquered surface. WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Care is self-removable by next application and therefore, it does not build up a thick layer on the surface. Apply as needed.


  • It is recommend to have cleaned the floor with Wood Cleaner prior to the application of Lacquer Care. The floor must be absolutely dry before application of Lacquer Care.
  • Shake bottle well before use and have two buckets ready.
  • In one bucket pour the Lacquer Care in straight (do not dilute with water).
  • Fill the second bucket with clean rinsing water.
  • At first, dip the mop into the Lacquer Care and wring it out completely. Work the mop along the length of the boards applying a thin coat. Work in small manageable sections. Do not continue application of Lacquer Care when the floor has started to dry. Note: Rinse mop in clean water and wring out well. If the mop head is looking dirty, continue step 5 until the entire floor is coated.
  • Leave surface to dry for approximately 30 minutes or until fully dry.

8 Protection after installation and maintenance.


Every Euro Oak floor is an investment that can last a lifetime; it’s always worth making the effort to:

  • Place a good rug at the entrance and near any bio-fold or sliding doors.
  • Immediately remove any type of sand or gravel.
  • Use protective pads under furniture legs.
  • Avoid walking with sharp heels.
  • Dry any liquid splashes immediately.
  • Protect from extreme sun and intensive UV light.

Warranty Provisions & Exclusions


1 Warranty 

Style Timber provides the following warranties for its Euro Oak flooring products to the original purchaser, from the date of purchase:

  • 20 years limited warranty for the finish against wear under normal residential usage provided the recommended maintenance program has been followed.
  • 5 year limited warranty for the finish against wear under commercial conditions provided a recommended maintenance program has been followed.
  • Lifetime limited warranty against warping, buckling or bond failure under normal use.
  • Warranty with regard to defects and/or shortcomings that were already present when delivery took place but that were not visible to the naked eye.

Under the terms of this Warranty, Style Timber undertakes to repair or replace any defective products during the applicable warranty period. The choice of remedy is at the option of Style timber. If a replacement product is supplied, the warranty remains based on the original date of purchase.

2 Provisions 

We provide a guarantee if the floor has been laid in accordance with our installation instructions and maintained using the recommended maintenance products.

  • Please report complaints/product defects in writing and include the original invoice.
  • Should it be deemed that the guarantee applies, either the faulty floor section shall only be replaced or the faulty floor sections shall only be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions made in this guarantee certificate.
  • Should the relevant product from Style Timber no longer be available, an equivalent alternative shall be supplied.
  • This guarantee only relates to the supplied floor sections and, therefore, not to related costs such as labour, additional materials, and any other consequential damage.
  • Should a dispute arise related to the guarantee, either party may appeal to an independent expert, who shall issue a report which will be sent to both parties.
  • Should this clause be applied, the costs must be agreed upon in advance in writing amongst the parties.

3 Exclusions

This warranty excludes:

  • If the floor has not been laid in accordance with the Style Timber l
  • Product colour variation and grain pattern differences, common to natural timber .
  • Any visible defects noted after installation. We will replace any defects boards that are visible before installation.
  • Movement from building or uneven sub-floor.
  • Sheen variation between the boards for oil finished products.
  • Improper maintenance or inadequate care during and after installation, including all misuse, abuse or accidents causing damage.
  • Defects and/or shortcomings, due to moisture and/or water damage, and/or other causes that cannot be attributed to the manufacturer/supplier of the
  • If there are visual shortcomings that occurred due to deformation of the boards as a result of changing climate conditions. In case of colour, differences due to exposure to sunlight and the consequences of normal aging and/or wear phenomena of the finishing
  • Indentation from Stiletto heels on shoes.
  • Costs associated with any rectification work including, but not limited to re-painting, furniture storage, and moveing fixtures, accommodation and living expenses.
  • Any labour charges associate to rectification work, in some cases, where the product has structural defects after installation, reasonable labour costs will be considered.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser of the Products only, and is not transferable or assignable. Proof of purchase must be produced with any claim made by the original purchaser on this warranty.