Herringbone flooring originated in Europe during the Baroque period. It is a traditional floor pattern still commonly used in some of the most prestigious buildings of Europe.

Because of its astonishing beauty and symmetry, herringbone has always been one of the most sought after wood flooring patterns.

Besides the traditional herringbone pattern, it also offers many other possibilities in design, such as: Plait, Shifted Dice or Lamella.

Our CASA herringbone timber flooring is made of select grade oak only, we also offer giant size Herringbone planks 950mm*190mm*20mm.

Download detailed Herringbone Specification in PDF


The Herringbone pattern can be installed either parallel to the walls or diagonally. Placing boards in a Herringbone pattern and gluing down, also adds much more stability than the normal single strip method.

Herringbone flooring currently has the below pattern to fit into your life style: