Herringbone is an extremely versatile flooring option that can transform your space and help you to create a strong design statement. While having overtones of timeless and historical design due to its long history and popularity in Europe during the 16th century, it works equally as well in a clean, contemporary space.

Thanks to the illusion of movement that the pattern gives, the style of flooring is a great option to enhance and open up your space and can be styled to suit pretty much any environment.

Perfect for tight corridors and hallways, when installed parallel to walls it will open up a long, tight space and installing diagonally across the wall edge can visually open up a smaller room. It also offers more stability and longer lasting durability when placed in the pattern and glued down than the normal strip method.


We can offer these pattern options to suit your particular style. Alongside the traditional herringbone pattern, there are also many other possibilities in design such as Plait, Shifted Dice or Lamella.