Botanical name:

Eucalyptus maculate


Spotted gum has quite big colour variation from white to medium or dark brown colour, even red-brown colour. Heartwood normally looks darker than sapwood. Texture is fairly coarse and variable, black gum veins are common for standard grade or feature grade. It has attractive look of wavy and straight grain combination.


With Janka hardnees rating 11, spotted gum is a very hard wood species for timber flooring. Highly resistant to decay and readily accept any vanish.

Other Informtation:

Spotted Gum is sometimes known by other names including Mountain Spotted Gum, Lemon scented gum, Large-leaved Spotted Gum, Spotted Iron Gum or Red Gum

Spotted Gum is mainly used in decking, flooring, furniture, construction and to a lesser degree in shipbuilding