Botanical name:

Eucalyptus drepanophylla


The color of grey ironbark varies from a light brown grey to a dark rich chocolate brown and also dark reds, these mixed timber hues create the stunning looking of grey ironbark. The sapwood is sometimes lighter than heartwood and can have some pale brown colours. The texture is moderately coarse and even with interlocked grain.


The hardest timber materials in Australia, with Janka rating 14kn, its hardness is top of the range of hardwood flooring. It’s certainly the ironwood of the whole Eucalyptus species. It’s a very heavy wood material with a density of 1090kg/m3. It can be very difficult to install this hard wood flooring and professional installers is recommended

Other Information:

Having such a high Janka rating Grey ironbark is very versatile and can be used in most industries requiring hardwoods including flooring, decking, building framework, heavy engineering, cladding, joinery, marine construction, furniture, sleepers and shipbuilding