Bamboo flooring in a range of attractive colours including coffee, limed white and ebony

Bamboo flooring is a cheap and attractive alternative for your Sydney home because of its unique texture and great colour range, from black to white bamboo and everything in between. It gives you the options for creating modern, stylish and elegant floor for your home or any internal commercial area. The patented UNICLIC system means it can be installed easily and walked on straight away.

Bamboo cork backing

The strength, durability, as well as resistance to insects and moisture, is making bamboo flooring a cheap and popular choice for Sydney homes. The Janka hardness test, which measures the resistance of wood to denting and wear, rates strand woven bamboo above the hardest of Australian hard woods. Finished off with 7 protective top coats, Style Timber Floor is convinced that our bamboo floor will last in your Sydney home – all products purchased also come with a 25 year warranty.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that readily renews itself, as well as takes in greenhouse gases and produces more oxygen than most other trees, making bamboo flooring an eco-friendly and highly renewable option.

UNICLIC joining system

Quality yet cheap flooring from the Bamboo Silence Collection

Style Timber Floor’s range of bamboo flooring comes from the Strand Woven Bamboo Collection. Built with 12mm solid bamboo planks and 2mm natural cork backing, the range comes in 7 natural bamboo colours:

      • Blonde
      • Coffee
      • French bleed
      • Dark walnut
      • Limed white
      • Antique
      • Ebony massacre

Along with the 7 protective coats and a matt or semi-gloss finish, depending on the chosen colour, there are many other great benefits besides our cheap price when it comes to bamboo flooring in Sydney:

      • Sound Proofing – the hard surface of bamboo creates a solid sound barrier
      • Sound Absorbing – our cork backing can reduce the sound of footsteps on your bamboo floor by up to 60%
      • Insulation – works to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
      • Strict quality control – we seek out the best quality and highest density bamboo available
      • Health issue – our bamboo floor formaldehyde emission is less than 0.14 ppm making it a safe option for your Sydney family

We also offer a range of traditional strand woven bamboo, available in four colours: walnut, mahogany, chestnut and modern black.

Get bamboo flooring in Sydney – cheap! Call any of our offices or contact us online today to find out more about why so many people are getting bamboo flooring installed in their homes.