NEUE will bring Sydney’s living standard to a new level. Neue’s major drawcards are its proximity to the university, the Macquarie Centre mall and the Macquarie business park, which is currently undergoing significant urban renewal by Stockland

An integrated development company with overseas arms, Coli has also helped deliver projects in more than 60 cities including New York and London, with one in 15 Hong Kong residents living in a home built by the developer.

“Macquarie Park is attractive because it has good schools, universities, hospitals, employment, transport and recreation. That coupled with future investment from the NSW Government and Property Developers alike will ensure a bright future for Macquarie Park, We wanted to offer Neue the same attractive features in the finishes as the location provided for the consumers. We went with Style Timber as they understood what we wanted to represent in this project”

– Huang| Coli

  • Project Name NEUE
  • Project Location MACQUARIE PARK
  • Products Used
  • Colour Champagne and Ivory White