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Fairway Rose Bay

Delivering a boutique environment of understated luxury and sanctuary, Fairway is a showpiece of elegant materials, generous proportions and exceptional alfresco spaces.

Sitting harmoniously amid a corridor of Noble Morton Bay Fig trees, Fairway reflects the intrinsic beauty of the Rose Bay waterfront and the serenity of the neighbouring golf courses.

Designed by Lawless and Meyerson and MHNDU,  this envisions a distinguished address comprising just 12 exclusive single-level residences.


“Amazing experience woking with designers like Lawless and Meyerson who know exactly what they want! ”

– Jack Wang | Style Timber

“We had put a lot of thought in the finishes for this project. We were happy that the floors came out exactly like we envisioned it.”

– Lawless and Meyerson


At Style Timber Floor, we are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Working closely with not only the brightest and best architects and designers locally but also with International suppliers, and using state of the art manufacturing, we are proud to have developed our new range of European Oak, American Oak, American Walnut, Hickory, American Ash and Teak. We pride ourselves on our large range of widths, length, strength and stability, our designs (including both 45 and 30-degree angles for chevron and the widest board widths in Herringbone), our wear layer from 2 to 6mm and our customised colours, sizes, finishes and substrates. Keeping with our one project, one team philosophy, we are delighted to offer a Turnkey Service Solution – timbers for multiple applications,  the floor, walls and ceilings, to joinery – all seamlessly integrated and managed. Get in contact to learn more!