Botanical name:

Eucalyptus Pilularis


Blackbutt is known for its pale brown colour with few pinkie highlights in the blonde colour range timber. After installing the new floor, the colour may darken slightly to be light brown or pale red brown depending on the moisture content of the internal environment. It has medium and even texture throughout the surface and its grain is mostly straight, with some interesting wavy line. Black gum veins and dots are common although the higher grade has a much clearer look.


With Janka hardness rating 9.1, blackbutt is the hardest timber in the lighter colour ranges. It can be stained easily and coated using many popular products it is of stained to a slightly darker colour to achieve very durable and elegant looking timber floor.

Other Informtation:

Blackbutt is very versatile having a number of diferent uses including flooring, decking, building framework, cladding, joinery, furniture or as sleepers