Representing a new standard for modern, contemporary living, this new build property in East Lindfield promotes a luxurious aesthetic that is complemented by its surroundings. With a clean, innovative design Style Timber was tasked with producing a bespoke open tread engineered timber staircase and living area flooring which would be a focal point throughout the house. Overlooking the spectacular Gordon Creek, this new build house is spoilt with sensational views over freshwater and dense forestry. Working with the design team, Style timber was able to offer a bespoke product and finish which helped to draw the outside environment into the ultra-modern design interiors.

“Working with just one wall, we needed to use an open stringer, which isn’t attached to the stairs for this open tread staircase. Using our wealth of experience and acute attention to detail we were able to create a
sleek, modern staircase that creates a floating illusion. Designers and architects are using timber for staircases more than ever. With the ability to match the staircase to the flooring within the home it creates a seamless effect, forming the idea of having a much larger footprint throughout the house.”

– Jack Wang, Managing Director | Style Timber

“Throughout our time working with Style Timber, they provided an excellent approachable service. It was important for me to choose a flooring which would create a unique statement. Creating a natural and authentic feel we chose the Chalet Collection which uses random widths and lengths often used in European developments. This flooring complements our contemporary design and flows throughout the house.”

– Amy | Property Owner

The interior designer worked together with Style Timber to help choose a colour tone that would create a powerful statement but balances against the design features and the outside environment. It was important that the finish was matte and not too shiny, creating a calming textural experience. A high level of technology went into producing the staircase. The final finish makes it a principal part of the house and creates a distinctive architectural statement dependant on the angle viewed.


Don’t be afraid to use darker coloured floors in a contemporary space. Balanced against the correct tones and fittings, a dark colour scheme can have an instant impact on the ambience of a room


At Style Timber Floor, we are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Working closely with not only the brightest and best architects and designers locally but also with International suppliers, and using state of the art manufacturing, we are proud to have developed our new range of European Oak, American Oak, American Walnut, Hickory, American Ash and Teak. We pride ourselves on our large range of widths, length, strength and stability, our designs (including both 45 and 30-degree angles for chevron and the widest board widths in Herringbone), our wear layer from 2 to 6mm and our customised colours, sizes, finishes and substrates. Keeping with our one project, one team philosophy, we are delighted to offer a Turnkey Service Solution – timbers for multiple applications,  the floor, walls and ceilings, to joinery – all seamlessly integrated and managed. Get in contact to learn more!